Car leading police on wild chase through Los Angeles strikes pedestrian and keeps driving

A pedestrian was struck by a car that was fleeing from police

LOS ANGELES (KABC) - A pursuit suspect was arrested in the wake of running over a passerby on a bike amid a pursuit that extended from L.A. to San Diego County Thursday.

Culver City police pursued the suspect, who specialists said neglected to yield, on Washington Boulevard. The red, more seasoned model Honda Civic had a broken windshield and a gap in the back window.

Experts at first revealed that the vehicle may have been stolen however later said it was definitely not.

At a certain point close to the 7800 square of W. Manchester Avenue in Playa del Rey, the presume struck a person on foot who was on a bike and kept running over the man. The suspect never ceased and kept driving.

Experts said the unfortunate casualty's wounds were not hazardous.

In the long run the presume made it into Inglewood, passing red lights and convergences while going at moderate velocities.

While driving on La Tijera Boulevard, a police cruiser endeavored a PIT move that sent the vehicle turning. The suspect, who wound up confronting the other heading, took a brief reprieve and after that pivoted to keep escaping from police.

Before long, on Westchester Parkway, another PIT move was done, yet the suspect figured out how to pivot and escape once more.

Minutes after the fact, a more grounded PIT move was endeavored, however the driver fled again notwithstanding being mostly confined. Amid that fourth endeavor, the vehicle's guard tumbled off and the suspect fled at high speeds.

The presume then driven specialists onto the southbound 405 Freeway close Marina del Rey. The pursuit proceeded on the southbound road through Long Beach into Orange County.

Specialists and the speculate proceeded onto the southbound 5 Freeway close San Juan Capistrano around 1 p.m. - two hours after the pursuit began.

The suspect in the end pulled over on the southbound 5 Freeway close Camp Pendleton in San Diego County around 1:30 p.m. Officers encompassed the vehicle with their weapons drawn as the standoff proceeded.

Not long after 2 p.m., the presume opened the vehicle entryway, so, all things considered, officers swarmed the vehicle and arrested the suspect.

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